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Highlands Academy

5901 NW 1st Street

Lincoln, NE 68521


Email: [email protected]

Our Program Philosophy

The philosophy of our program is based on the belief that children learn best through hands-on experience in an environment where they feel safe and secure. By responding to each child in a consistent and warm manner, the child learns trust. Establishing a bond of trust with their caregivers allows children to explore their world more freely, cope more easily with difficult times, and get along better with other children. We believe that routines are important in a young child's life, providing them with the sense of security that comes from knowing what to expect next. At the same time, we also realize that working with children means being flexible. Each child is a unique individual, with their own preferences, and their own learning styles. Our curriculum is set up with these things in mind.

Our Philosophy of Discipline

We believe that discipline should be used to teach children, not to punish them. It is normal for children to test the limits that we set for them. By responding in a supportive and consistent way, we help the child to feel safe in the world. We use the total environment to set the stage for appropriate behavior: clear rules; the room arrangement; problem solving; adults who model appropriate behavior; positive reinforcement; and natural consequences. In some instances a child may need to take some time away from the group in order to refocus. When the child is refocused and his/her behavior reflects a readiness to rejoin the group, the teacher will first process the situation with the child and facilitate problem solving to help the child come up with alternate ways of dealing with the situation and their feelings. Discipline should be a positive learning experience and a natural part of children's growth and development. Children need to learn that their feelings are acceptable while at the same time learning healthy and appropriate coping skills.

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