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Highlands Academy

5901 NW 1st Street

Lincoln, NE 68521


Email: [email protected]


I've had both of my boys at Highlands since they were 3 months old. My oldest is 5 and youngest is 3. I'm about to have our 3rd child who will also be attending. It's nice to be able to feel and know that your children are safe and being taken care of while you are at work. I've always felt that every teacher there is there because they want to be there and that they have truly cared and loved my babies. It's one thing to "watch" them and its another to "nurture" them. My boys have never thrown a fit over going to daycare nor have they ever said they didn't want to go. My 5 year old went into Kindergarten totally prepared. His teacher has already commented many times that it is very obvious that he went to a center that had a structured curriculum. It made his transition very easy. So I give Highlands 4 stars for making my children happy, safe and feeling important and self confident.

Nikki DeVore

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Highlands Academy

My daughter is now 7 and has been at Highlands for 4 years-she had some special needs and Highlands cared enough to accept additional education and work with her rather than "making it someone else's problem". That showed me they do care about kids and their development and are not just another child care center looking to fill their business with bodies. My baby boy is 14 months and attends, I'm lucky enough to spend time with him at lunch and with the teachers and let me tell you the babies are definately loved and they have a good time. I love watching them all grow and explore their world around them!

Joy Mace

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